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The eLearnReady survey is a good tool for students that are new to online courses because it gives the students feedback on their answers using graphics and scales of readiness. They will benefit from the tips that are given. It can also be a challenge to students if they do not know how the Likert Scale works. I think adding a visual graphic scale to identify the positive and negative direction ends of the scale. It will also help remind students that are not new to online courses and what they can do to help keep them motivated. Teachers will benefit from this information because they can see the average skill and confidence levels of the students. This will help the instructor make adjustments to the course as deemed necessary.  

Angelica R.

My impression of this tool is that it is user friendly. I think it is easy to set up and assign for teachers. With this tool though I do not see much versatility with it. It seems to be only useful for upper grades and only surveys engagement in an online course. I think this website could be more beneficial if it could be applicable for younger grades as well, and the wording was changed to fit the given grade level. I understand that an early elementary child may not know how to reflect and answer these questions but their families involved in the learning experience may be able to. I think this tool can help learners in an online classroom by being assigned as a pre-self-reflect to get students to consider what they should expect from themselves in an online class. Then it should be assigned in the middle of the course as a check in and then again at the end of the course. This can be useful for teachers to understand their students better, and how they can adapt the course for better engagement and learning experiences.

Hannah R.

After completing the survey and creating one for my own course, I feel that overall this is a useful tool. The tool is beneficial because it allows the learner to truly understand how they learn best and what practices they can use to enhance their learning experience. This is a great tool for teachers as well because they are able to view the results and adjust their lesson structure to accommodate their students' learning styles. The only suggestion I have for this tool is to present the lower scores in a different manner. Rather than implying a low score in a particular area, the terminology needs to confirm that the student does not learn best this way and that is okay. As a result, they should expand and focus on the learning style in which they scored highest as this will bring them the most success.

Rebekah A.

This type of assessment is a great tool for online courses. I believe eLearnReady Assessment does a great job providing participants with a comprehensive overview of online course readiness. The study tips after the survey were extremely helpful, it will assist me with improving lower scoring areas. This could be a beneficial tool for both teacher and learners. This tool could help educators learn where their learners are in terms of course readiness and assist them with creating ways to better prepare their learners. Learners can benefit the same way I did, being able to see their scores and having the study tips will help them improve lower scoring areas.

Ronald R.

This eLearnReady survey is a great tool for instructors (and students) to utilize to gauge ability levels.  As an instructor it would allow me to quickly assess my students' comfort levels with technology as well as their learning preferences.  You can click on the Class Profile and see all the answers separately or as an average. As a learner, it was extremely interesting to see my answers separated into the Nine dimensions eLearning Readiness.  I was able to see my score as well as how it compared to the overall average answer.  One area of improvement that would be useful for me would be the ability to edit the questions or add my own questions, but overall this seems like a very useful, effective tool!

Shauna S.

I think this is a great tool to use if it is used correctly. If the students take it seriously, it is a great way instructors can better get to know how their students learn. Both the instructor and student will learn the student’s strengths and weaknesses. It is quick and easy to use as well! I only worry because depending on the age group, the students may not take the survey seriously therefore deeming it entirely pointless. But, I guess there is always that risk with surveys.

Brianne P.

The survey is really good to help the instructor and student know how they learn and what the best way to apply it. The students will see what they can improve on and how they can get better overall. The teacher can see what the student strength and areas that need improve and try to implement the best way for the student to learn. I think overall the survey will help in a tremendous way, but that is only if the students are honest. I teach middle school and some of the students will not take it serious and some may even click random ones.

Zachary C.