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The survey has some features that are a positive from student and teacher mindsets. On the student side of things, the tips are interaction with peers and instructors are brief and to the point. This goes the same for time management. One big issue I had with this survey is that is the preference question delve into the area of misnomer of learning styles. Which there is no evidence to their existence. The survey should be geared more to what academic skills do the students think they have versus which ones they do not. Furthermore, surveys should be tweaked based off of grade level for appropriate level of questioning.

Timothy N.

I think this is a great tool to get a quick survey from students. It is very user friendly. I like that you can really see your results and where you stand. Also, that it gives you tips on how to improve that area. One thing that I think could improve this survey would be having the freedom to edit it a little bit more. I worry that some students would not handle the results well. I think this tool could help learners if it were used as a self reflection tool. The students could take the survey at the beginning of their course or school year and then take it again and the end of the course or school year. They can see how much they have grown and how their thought process has changed over the year. I think for teachers it is a good way to learn about your students and understand them more.

Stephanie W.

This survey tool was highly useful in recording student thoughts concerning their adaptation to online learning. The survey questioning itself covered a vast array of student interests and abilities. In design, eLearnReady was neatly created and easy to navigate. This tool would help educators understand their personal needs for improvements within instructional areas. By analyzing survey data teachers could insert or remove particular assessment methods to better reach and engage students, which intern would aid student success.

Stephen K.

The eLearn survey was a very good and useful tool for both students and teachers. Feedback is always awesome when instructing on an online course and this survey slowed you to filter through answers sand break down survey data form your students. This is very useful. My only concern would be the integrity of the survey and the honesty of the answers other than that it is extremely useful.

Rolan W.

I was surprised by my results. I am not an auditory learner. I would rather read the closed captioning to take notes than try to listen and write the notes. The tips and videos were a great way to nudge reluctant learners to try and improve on the skills that are lacking. This tool would be useful in the high school level. If it was for the elementary and middle school level, I think the vocabulary would need to be simplified. The tool would be helpful for teachers to use the data collected for types of learners and their technology skills for the types of media used.

Grace E.

I really like this survey tool for a few reasons. It was very easy to navigate because each question was clear and concise. For an adult, I don’t think it was too long, but if I were to use this with my 5th grade students, it may be lengthy for them. When thinking about my young students, some of the verbiage in the questions may go over their heads, so to speak. However, I think that the platform used for the survey would be easily accessible to the students through a LMS. I think this tool can be helpful to get a better understanding of how learners feel in an online classroom. In the same way, it would help the teacher to know what modifications need to be made for the students in the online classroom. Overall, I think this tool is necessary to use in an online environment because it asks crucial questions that can determine the success of the learners.

Savanna Y.

Overall I feel like the eLearnReady survey is a good tool for teachers to use. A strength of this tool is that it is very thorough, looking at the nine different dimensions. It digs into aspects that people may not normally think about when they think about their readiness for online learning. I also like that the sections of the report are short and to the point, with the description, bulleted list of tips, and the video. I think one area of improvement would be to have different surveys for different levels of learners (i.e. one for elementary, one for high school, one for college), as some of the questions may be challenging for the younger students to understand. This tool can help learners by showing their personal strengths and weaknesses. The assessment report with tips and videos is definitely something that would benefit learners. This tool can help teachers to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their students and show how their students learn, which will allow them to better customize the learning to meet their needs.

Brittney B.

Overall, I think this survey about online learning is a good tool to use before taking an online class. One strength is that it gives you a score for each skill that is necessary for taking an online course. Another strength is that it provides feedback to help you improve those skills. I scored “moderate proficiency” on each of the skills. One way that this tool could be improved is if it was a bit more specific instead of giving me “moderate proficiency” each time. Maybe it could have more specific categories of proficiency depending on what students score on each skill. This tool would be helpful for new online learners because it would tell them what they need to work on to become prepared for online courses. This survey would also be beneficial for teachers because it shows them data about the readiness of their students for an online class. By knowing this information, teachers could make sure they provide instruction that is helpful and better suited for their students.

Lauren G.

I think the eLearnReady survey is a very beneficial tool for students. Not only does it show them their learning strengths and weaknesses, but it gives them tips and guides on how to do better in class. As a teacher, I would love for my students to take this survey so I can develop my classroom instruction around my student's individual learning needs. The only way I can think to make this tool better is to create another survey with the exact same purposes but with questions younger students can understand and answer.

Bryant S.

The eLearnReady survey is a a good tool for both students and teachers. When a student completed the survey, the website analyzes their results and gives them helpful tips to prepare for their online course. This can also be a helpful tool for teachers because they can get an idea of the skill level and confidence of their online learners. This will help them make informed decisions about how to conduct their course.

Kelli D.

I think this survey is a great way to receive feedback from your students, as well as get to know your students better as learners. It's also nice that it allows students to see the results and gives them study tips and videos to improve their areas of weakness. One area this tool could use improvement in is the wording it uses for the survey results. Just because a learner doesn't learn best visually or auditory, it shouldn't use words such as "moderate proficiency." This could be taken the wrong way by students thinking that they must learn a certain way, when in reality each individual students learns best in different ways. This tool can help learners by allowing them to see how they learn best, as well as show them useful study tips and how they can improve their online learning. This tool can help teachers by showing them how each of their students learn, allowing them to take this information and adapt the course to fit the learning needs of all students.

Sierra H.

This survey tool is very beneficial to online courses. The survey results are detailed and visual and can help the teacher and students understand different aspects of the learner. I like the visuals that were provided, because I think many people can look at the easy-to-understand visuals and compare where they are and where they need to be for success. I also like the detailed text with tips to help the learner improve. They too are easy to read and understand. The only thing I could say that I think would be detrimental to the success of the survey is the actual user. Which, I can’t say can be controlled. For young learners, it would be important that they are honest with the questions and answer them as intended vs. what they think they should say. I like that the teacher can determine class patterns. This would help a teacher to know what type of instruction would be beneficial to their students. For example, the teacher would need to create classroom content that was a mixture of text and instructional videos. Some students like learning at their pace with reading materials and some would like a video to learn from.

Nicole F.