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eLearnReady is a great tool for both learners and teachers. I really enjoyed looking at the analysis of my eLearning scores and would like my students to complete this survey. The study tips and suggestions are great resources for learners and could help students better themselves as digital learners. Teachers can also use this resource to get to know their students and better teach each student. The only weakness I can see is the length of the survey and the analysis. I could see a lot of my students losing interest as they work through both the survey and the analysis. It would be nice if the survey could be broken down into smaller chunks to focus on one thing at a time.

Alexander B.

One strength is this tool offers tips for each section. Another strength is you can see how your score compares to the average. This allows you to see what you need to improve. The only area for improvement is adding examples of how to use the tips. This tool can help learners by letting them see what they need to improve on. Learners can pick a couple tips to start working on. This tool can help teachers because teachers can see where students are at. Teachers could help certain students by looking at what they need extra help with.

Hannah H.

I liked this survey tool because it allows learners to reflect on courses and their learning styles, while also providing that data to teachers. I felt that this survey could be used for multiple grade bands including upper elementary, middle, and high school. I feel that this survey would be a bit lengthy for the primary grades, but teachers can use these questions to individually conference with students if they wanted to incorporate them. The only area for improvement I would suggest is to allow teachers to customize questions or be able to add other questions. Although these questions can be used across multiple grades and courses, allowing teachers to customize or add questions would allow the survey to be used more effectively. Learners are able to reflect on how they prefer to learn which can help motivate them to be active participants in a class. If teachers use this tool correctly, they can modify the class as needed in order to accommodate their students.

Kelsey O.

I thought that this survey was very easy to follow and understand. The questions were very straight forward and the vocabulary was not difficult. Feedback is a great tool when instructing an online course and this survey allows you to filter through answers and easily break down survey data form your students. It is also good for students because they are able to get feedback and tips on things they can do in the future to better prepare and motivate them. Teachers can lead discussions based on the survey results and construct lessons based on improvements recommended by the class.

Justin B.

I found this to be a very thorough survey. One of the strengths is the variety of questions relating to what the student can do, how the student feels about the course, and personal learning styles. I noticed that a couple of questions seemed to be repeated, just worded differently. I know that for the student this survey can be a beneficial way to determine if you are ready for the online class and perhaps what you need to improve before you get started. The teacher can use this survey to help guide instruction and be proactive with any problems that may arise. Both the teacher and the student can determine the learning styles or strengths/weaknesses of the student.

Lara G.

I think this website is a great tool to use in the beginning and the end of a course. This will allow the teacher and the student to see where they have grown in technology and though the class as well as how they have changed as a learner. I like how it gives the break down of each section as well as a description of what it means. I like the tips it gives to better yourself as well as the videos.

Makala G.

A strength for this survey was that it was simple and easy to complete. The survey took only a few of minutes to complete. This survey prepares students for an online learning course. One weakness for the survey is that it is not made for younger students. My kindergarten students would have a difficult time completing this survey. An improvement for this would be to have a speaker that students could click to hear the question. This is a great tool that can help learners and teachers. This tool can help learners reflect on their learning styles. This tool also gives learners tips on how to improve their learning. This tool can help teachers plan instruction that will benefit the learning styles of their students.

Erica T.

Overall, I found this tool to be very easy to use. The survey is easy to navigate through and complete in a short amount of time. The only area of improvement that I can think of is I wish it was worded in a way that younger students could also utilize it. Some of the wording in the questions would be too difficult for them to understand. As a teacher of these young students, I still value the type of information that this survey provides. As a student completing the survey, it made me reflect on the ways in which I learn best and my specific learning style. As an instructor, this is valuable information, especially in an online learning environment, because I may not otherwise get to know that type of information about my students. It would help me as the instructor know how to deliver content more effectively to my students. For example, if many of my students learn best by listening to audio rather than reading, then I could utilize more narrated presentations, rather than simply reading chapters in the textbook.

Mallory P.

In terms of strengths, the eLearnReady survey site is user friendly and easy to access. Having the same answer choice options allowed me to stay consistent with responding. I think the ability to see a quick response is beneficial in terms of feedback. Being that I teach elementary school, I don't think it would be one that I would choose for them unless I could change the way they respond. For the younger groups, using pictures or even emoji faces for responses would be easier for them to use. For learners, I think they could use this tool for self-reflection. Even as I was taking it, I was considering some things about myself and how I approach online learning. Its easy to get into the work and focus on the deadlines and not think about how we can be more efficient or involved in an online course. For teachers, I think this tool can be used to address how they prepare their course for their students. For example, results of the survey may indicate the majority of the students enjoy group work so adjustments can be made prior to beginning the class. Teachers can also use this as a post-course survey and compare the students' responses from the beginning of the year noting the significant changes.

Laura R.

One of the best things about eLearn Ready is the immediate feedback. If you take the survey with no prior knowledge to what it is used for, you actually begin to learn things about yourself while answering the questions. I was not surprised for it to tell me I am better with verbal instruction. I tend to think I learn better when I can pick up on the tone in an instructors voice. Especially when being taught how to build or use something. One thing I would say is that younger learners may have some trouble understanding the vocabulary in some of the questions. This tool can help instructors get to know their classroom and really understand the best way their students would learn as a whole.I think this type of survey would be more beneficial for younger students who really even know how they learn, which for me would mean making the vocabulary used in it easier to read for all ages.

Daniel S.

This online survey tool seems to be an easy and efficient way to survey a group of learners to assess their readiness for online course completion. There seems to be an overall ease of use and setup for the software, which is very basic. Options to add images and videos for a more personalized touch could be helpful for students to customize surveys to their course would be a benefit. Overall, this tool can help teachers generate useful data across a variety of learners and over any period for analyzing and planning for learners.

Sandee O.

I created my own class, and then I retook the survey as a fictional student in my class so that I could see the feedback an instructor would see based on the survey. From the student side, I think the tips are useful for most areas, such as interaction with peers, communication with instructors, self-motivation, and time management. The brief notes/tops and the brief video provide quick, useful information. However, I do not know if learning preferences are phrased usefully. If a student is not a visually learner, the system says the student is “moderately proficient.” This reads more like a skill than a preference, and it may create the impression that the student’s preference is the issue. If it is the student’s preference, I like the feedback on how to adapt other ways to that preference, such as making visuals of the notes, is useful. However, it is the word “proficient” being used in terms of a learning preference that worries me as it may imply there is an issue with the student in the same way that being poor at time management might be an issue to fix. From the teacher's side, I think the strategies in the report are useful as it outlines what the teacher can do in the class to help those students.

Patrick R.