Patrick R.

I created my own class, and then I retook the survey as a fictional student in my class so that I could see the feedback an instructor would see based on the survey. From the student side, I think the tips are useful for most areas, such as interaction with peers, communication with instructors, self-motivation, and time management. The brief notes/tops and the brief video provide quick, useful information. However, I do not know if learning preferences are phrased usefully. If a student is not a visually learner, the system says the student is “moderately proficient.” This reads more like a skill than a preference, and it may create the impression that the student’s preference is the issue. If it is the student’s preference, I like the feedback on how to adapt other ways to that preference, such as making visuals of the notes, is useful. However, it is the word “proficient” being used in terms of a learning preference that worries me as it may imply there is an issue with the student in the same way that being poor at time management might be an issue to fix. From the teacher’s side, I think the strategies in the report are useful as it outlines what the teacher can do in the class to help those students.