Mallory P.

Overall, I found this tool to be very easy to use. The survey is easy to navigate through and complete in a short amount of time. The only area of improvement that I can think of is I wish it was worded in a way that younger students could also utilize it. Some of the wording in the questions would be too difficult for them to understand. As a teacher of these young students, I still value the type of information that this survey provides.

As a student completing the survey, it made me reflect on the ways in which I learn best and my specific learning style. As an instructor, this is valuable information, especially in an online learning environment, because I may not otherwise get to know that type of information about my students. It would help me as the instructor know how to deliver content more effectively to my students. For example, if many of my students learn best by listening to audio rather than reading, then I could utilize more narrated presentations, rather than simply reading chapters in the textbook.