Laura R.

In terms of strengths, the eLearnReady survey site is user friendly and easy to access. Having the same answer choice options allowed me to stay consistent with responding. I think the ability to see a quick response is beneficial in terms of feedback. Being that I teach elementary school, I don’t think it would be one that I would choose for them unless I could change the way they respond. For the younger groups, using pictures or even emoji faces for responses would be easier for them to use.

For learners, I think they could use this tool for self-reflection. Even as I was taking it, I was considering some things about myself and how I approach online learning. Its easy to get into the work and focus on the deadlines and not think about how we can be more efficient or involved in an online course. For teachers, I think this tool can be used to address how they prepare their course for their students. For example, results of the survey may indicate the majority of the students enjoy group work so adjustments can be made prior to beginning the class. Teachers can also use this as a post-course survey and compare the students’ responses from the beginning of the year noting the significant changes.