Kamron J.

This is a great tool for assessing preparedness for online learning because the results from the survey show your strengths and areas of improvement. As a student, reviewing these results can be very valuable. You can begin to work on your areas of improvement so that you will be better prepared for an online course. As a teacher, there are also benefits from this survey as well. Teachers can look at their students’ results and see what areas they are struggling in. Then, they can make changes to their course to fit the needs of their learners. Before taking this survey, I felt that I would score well in all categories because I feel that I perform well in an online setting. My results opened my eyes and made me realize why I struggle in some aspects of online learning. For example, my self-management was the lowest score and I can see how that relates to my learning. I struggle with staying on a schedule and tend to wait until the last minute to do assignments. This often times leads to me producing work that I know I could do much better on. One thing that I feel this survey is lacking is its customization. I think it would be better if teachers could add/delete questions from the survey to accommodate their needs.