Brittney B.

Overall I feel like the eLearnReady survey is a good tool for teachers to use. A strength of this tool is that it is very thorough, looking at the nine different dimensions. It digs into aspects that people may not normally think about when they think about their readiness for online learning. I also like that the sections of the report are short and to the point, with the description, bulleted list of tips, and the video. I think one area of improvement would be to have different surveys for different levels of learners (i.e. one for elementary, one for high school, one for college), as some of the questions may be challenging for the younger students to understand.

This tool can help learners by showing their personal strengths and weaknesses. The assessment report with tips and videos is definitely something that would benefit learners. This tool can help teachers to learn the strengths and weaknesses of their students and show how their students learn, which will allow them to better customize the learning to meet their needs.