EdTechAlign System: Easy Steps 1 - 2 - 3

#1: Readiness Instrument: Interactive Survey

When teachers are taking the EdTechAlign assessment survey, they will be directed to a survey page, which is smartphone friendly, and contains 26 items. This survey is designed to analyze teachers’ degree of readiness for participating in online courses. Based upon research and statistical analysis, a total of five salient and measurable factors were identified that include: 1) CREATIVITY, 2) CITIZENSHIP, 3) DIGITAL LITERACY, 4) PEDAGOGY, and 5) LEADERSHIP.

#2: Analysis Report With Advice

After completing the survey, teachers will be provided an assessment report based on their responses to the survey items. This report contains graphical information and improving tips. Teachers can utilize the customized report and get advice for being a successful technology savvy teachers. This report page also provides a link for teachers, so they can share it with their supervisors and principles.

#3: Group Profile: An Aggregate Tool

If you are a school principal and want to view aggregated responses from your teachers as a group profile, you can create an account with this system and generate a survey link specifically for your class. With EdTechAlign, you will gain a deep understanding of your teachers’ educational technology proficiency levels and ideas for improving teacher candidates’ technology proficiency.